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The Chair that Rocks is an ongoing project that aims to link Contemporary Design with the local craftsmen of  Tlacotalpan, México. Designers and Artists are invited to spend some days in Tlacotalpan, where they are encouraged to design and build a product using local resources and traditional crafts from the region. The objective is to rescue and preserve local crafts and techniques, which are fastly disappearing; to re-activate the local economy by designing new products and to create a “Designer Tourism” in Tlacotalpan, where creative professionals can live new and exciting experiences by learning a new craft, producing new work and exchanging knowledge with local craftsmen.


"Why should a traditional

rocking chair not be foldable?"

making of the rocking chair in carpiteria PRIETO

"Following the process from the clay extraction from the river and preparation to the water container forming in the traditional way"

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