[Italian for Dust]




 is my mobile Ceramic Atelier.

It is an ongoing project exploring the role of clay and our territorial identity.


All pieces are hand made and unique, inspired by the pattern of Nature, each piece has its own character and dimension like every leaf of a tree slightly defers from an other. I am not trying to reach perfection but rather the beauty of the undefined and causality using the most basic elements of life ( soil, water and fire ) combined with primitive techniques.


Polvere is a cloud of finely powdered earth, a primordial mater always present in our everyday life.


Terra arida, in minutissime particelle incoerenti, che si forma al suolo e, sollevata e trasportata dal vento, si posa sugli oggetti: le strade di campagna erano piene di p.; avere gli occhi rossi per la p.; mobili, libri pieni di p.; fig., indicando la polvere il disuso, l'abbandono, la scomparsa di antichi mondi e civiltà: arnesi coperti di p., non più usati, abbandonati; la p. del passato; trarre dalla p., dall'oblio.

Sit down and tell it to the fire.

Be honest. Talk yourself empty.

Words are transformed in smoke and vanish.

The flames are flickering, the shadows are dancing,

our eyes are burning but we can’t stop staring at it.

Sublime attraction and repulsion.

Talk till only smoke is left over.

You can’t hug the universe but in front of the fire, it is the universe hugging you: reducing you to a infinitesimal begin.

Compared to the eternity of time and the vastness of space you are nothing more then a speck of dust.

Feel the smoke around your body,

the sky above your head and the earth beneath your feet.

Meantime a little bit lower, under the fire, the ceramics listen to all those stories being told, they burn and memorise. Patterns of cinder and smoke are impressed on cups, plates and bowls.

A deep fascination for the primordial elements of life: soil water and fire... in contradiction to the frenetic and over designed society we are living in, we can find peace in the simplicity of those elements. After 3 days of burning, slowly cups and bowls are emerging from the ashes.

No formula can predict the outcome.


"Tell your story to the smoke"

Prices and full item list on here - delivery time 2-3 months


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