"She is free in her wildness, she is a wanderess, a drop of free water. She has no time conception, her life flows clean like a fresh river."   _ Roman Payne

Born in Italy in 1991 from Italo-Belgian mother and German father.


Light / Water / Soil: elements of life

[Photography / River / Ceramics]

The river is her inspiration and her driving force, water bounds all her activities together, like water she is shapeless and extremely flexible, she is active as:

Design Researcher / Graphic Designer / Photographer / Product designer / Ceramist / Rafter / Kayaker


In March 2016 Vicky funded the design, communication and consultancy studio vickykatrinTo' Tà, her river photography studio and she recently set up her own mobile ceramic atelier Polvere [Dust]. She wanders though Europe and the World  generally focusing on  socially relevant issues and in the dynamics that are affecting our century. Through her design practice she tries to imagine alternative realities to make us better understand our own one.



2013 -2015

Social Design - MA cum laude

Design Academy Eindhoven [NL - Eindhoven]



Erasmus Design du Produit

Strate Collège [F - Paris]



Politecnico di Torino - 1st Faculty of Architecture

Design and Visual Communication - BA cum laude [I - Torino]


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studio vickykatrin